We salute the members of our DREAM MAKER Society.

Kathryn and Darren Ash
Susan and Robert Auleback
Sally and John Barker
Ken and Beth Beuley
Candy and Darren Bing
Corine and William Bockenek
Bill Bradley
Elaine and William Brooks
Bridget and Shippen Browne
Rhett and Mike Campbell
Bonnie and Russ Case
Tim Cloninger
Lisa and Rhyne Davis
Amy and Alfred Dawson
Molly and Steele Dewey
Kim Douglas
Nancy and Bruce Downing
Sandy and David DuPuy
Christine and Lance Eubanks
Meredith and Kelly Graves
Patricia and Ken Greenberg
Eve and Johnny Isley
Carol and Lee Ives
Mindy and Bob Jones
Kenna and Phillip Jordan
Chris and John Kirkland
Kathi and John Knier
Donna and Doug Knowlton
Peggy and Neill McBryde
Shelley and Mark McLean
Suzy and Ed McMahan
Joan and Mike Musser
Ann and Rolfe Neill
Amy and Tom Okel
Sheila and Fred Passenant
Ridgely and John Phillips
Ryan Platt
Mike and Dorothy Poell
Susan and Bill Porter
Laura and Mark Reynolds
Dawn and Mark Ryan
Dick and Betsey Sesler
Cary and Michael Sherck
Anne-Carter and Dean Smith
Liz and Jeff Tarumianz
Cindy and Steve Wagner
Elaine and Norman Walters
Kristel and Jeff White
Peeps Whitner
Velva and Tom Woollen
Nancy and Terry Young
Joan Zimmerman
Jean Zoutewelle

Dream Maker Society members have generously pledged at least $1,000 per year for each of 5 years.

To learn more about or to become a member of Dream Maker Society contact: Kathi Knier at 704.536.6661 ext. 418 or